Hub Arcade
318 Little Collins Street
Melbourne 3000

(03) 9650 4494

1 Charles Dickens Tavern, Collins Street
2 Tony Starr's Kitten Club, Little Collins Street
3 Juliet's Champagne Bar, Bourke Street
4 Library, The, Bourke Street
5 Lexington, Bourke Street
6 Music Room, Bourke Street
7 HiFi Bar & Ballroom, Swanston Street
8 Hell's Kitchen, Centre Place
9 Cabinet, Rainbow Alley
10 Stray Kat, McKillop Street
Architecturally striking, this bar serves up structural designs that draws on the beauty of mathematical precision. Try the signature kiwifruit ...
S.J.Hassall, Bar Secrets Melbourne
More nightclub than bar, this futuristic all-night venue is nonetheless a popular spot for after-work drinks and provides an insight ...
Julie Whiting, MelbournePubs.com
Situated between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets, this good al'round drink and dance club is worth a visit. Don't be intimidated ...
The design is influenced it seems by the Bauhaus movement since decor touches include a rather decadent and dramatic Bauhaus ...
Hidden within the Hub Arcade, this designer venue is popular with nine-to-fivers looking to blow off some office steam. DJs ...
This stark all-nighter is also popular earlier with Friday after-work drinkers, when entry is free and drinks specials drown out ...
Melinda Houston, Epicure
There's a pleasant air of secrecy around this big, friendly cocktail joint.
Enter off Little Collins Street (tricked you?), this is a cool bar that comes across all dark and cosy: packed ...

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