Arcadia Hotel

2 Toorak Road
South Yarra 3142

(03) 9866 5380

1 Lyall Champagne Bar, The, Murphy Street
2 Saratoga, Toorak Road
3 Loulou, Toorak Road
4 De La Rentee Cocktail Lounge, Toorak Road
5 Lotus Bar and Lounge, Toorak Road
6 Bubble Bar, Domain Road
7 Argo, The, Argo Street
8 Q Bar, Toorak Road
9 Imperial Hotel - South Yarra, Chapel Street
10 Katuk, Chapel Street
Liz Hinds,
The Arcadia is one of the few pubs that is a pool shark's dream.

There are of course, the standard features ...

Brithday party without the mess? Melbourne Birthday Venues.

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