La Sangria Bar

46 Johnston Street
Fitzroy 3065

(03) 9419 8503

1 Laundry, The, Johnston Street
2 Kanela Flamenco Bar, Johnston Street
3 Graffiti Club, Johnston Street
4 Spanish Club, The, Johnston Street
5 Old Bar, The, Johnston Street
6 Tankerville, Nicholson Street
7 Provincial Hotel, Brunswick Street
8 Cue Club, The, Brunswick Street
9 Bar Open, Brunswick Street
10 Cape Lounge, Brunswick Street
Julie Whiting,
There are venues that will allow guests to dance on the bar, and then there are venues that actually encourage ...
This is probably the only place where you are encouraged to get up onto the bar and shake it to ...

Brithday party without the mess? Melbourne Birthday Venues.

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