Lina's Bistro A Vin

114 Bridport Street
Albert Park 3206

(03) 9645 5515

1 Albert Park Hotel, Dundas Place
2 Railway Hotel - South Melbourne, Ferrars Street
3 Limerick Hotel, Clarendon Street
4 Hotel Nest, Victoria Avenue
5 Butterfly Club, Bank Street
6 Groove Train, The, Clarendon Street
7 Cricketer's Arms Hotel, Cruikshank Street
8 Blue Room, The, Clarendon Street
9 Water Rat, Moray Street
10 Town Hall Hotel - South Melbourne, Bank Street
Walls lined with wine you want to drink, plenty by the glass, ever-changing blackboard wine specials & French food with ...
Providing a touch of "oo la la" in Albert Park, this is where would-be Frenchies go to sip fine wine ...
Steve J Hassall, Bar Secrets City Fringe
The wine list is enormous, with many varieties available by the glass, and an uncomplicated menu provides authentic French food ...
Melinda Houston, Epicure
Parisian-style bar is a wine lover's paradise

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